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About Us

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Since its establishment in 2003, ASTech has focused on providing total system solutions to our valued customers. We design, manufacture and deploy both standard and customized systems for our customers to help them run their companies more effectively and efficiently. We provide practical and reliable automated manufacturing solutions for our complex customer problems to get their manufacturing systems up and running in the shortest possible time.

Over the years, we have energetically pursued new technologies specifically geared towards the arising needs of the market. This attitude enables us to deliver the most reliable products to our customers in an ever broader range of industrial fields. In Dec 2012, we obtained the Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices (GDPMDS) certificate and break into medical industry, enabling us to import, distribute and install electro mechanical medical devices.

We have been increasingly involved with our customers in our partnerships – an endeavor that encourages and brings to fruition “product development”. This process has proudly resulted in the systems that we designed and built which had drastically improved our customers’ productivity and winning them overseas award recognitions.

We are also proud to be the approved Contract Manufacturer and Maintenance provider for Matsuura Iron Work Co. Ltd (Japan) since 2004.

In the effort to enhance our commitment to support our customers, we had set up Quality Management System and had successfully achieved the latest certification standard of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001:2008 (UKAS) certification in October 2009.
ASTech had participated in the bizSAFE programme, to put in place workplace safety and health programmes such as Risk Management (RM) and Workplace Safety & Health Management System (WSHMS). ASTech had awarded bizSAFE certification in November 2009.
With the strong know-how of system design & integration with Robot and long term support for Yaskawa Robot, ASTech is accredited as Yaskawa Certified Robot System Integrator on 23th July 2010.
ASTech also has vast experience interface with ABB and Fanuc Robot. Our expert engineers will help the company find the solution for any applications.
A very chanllenging application ASTech had accomplished is by using Robot to handle applications in the explosive-proof and harsh environment.
  ASTech is well recognized as system integrator in the manufacuturing industry for many years. However in order to be able to provide a more comprehensive total solutions for our prestige customer, we enter an partnership agreement with MPDV, a leading MES provider, with standardized and modular Manufacturing Executive System (MES). With the collaboration, our system will be able to improve customer’s machine efffectiveness, reduce machine cycle time, improve adherence to delivery dates, guarantee traceability and quality as well as minimize manufacturing inventory. To find out more about MPDV, please visit the website:


If you would like to learn how ASTech can help your company, contact us here.

 Company Mission

a)      Develop Quality and Value Added Industrial Equipment & System and strive to provide Prompt Delivery to our Customers to enhance the competitiveness of their operation.

b)      Continue to grow our products and services in the industries.

 Company Vision

To be a Leading Manufacturer and Provider of Industrial Automated Equipment & System

Quality Policy

a)      ASTech is committed to continually improve the operations in design and development of industrial automated equipment & system.

b)      We enhance customer satisfaction through reliable system and prompt delivery.

Affiliated Companies

GreenLAB Technologies

GreenLab Technologies was set up in early 2008 to supply and service energy efficient products for industrial and household usage by partnering world renowned manufacturers. As it became more readily clear the world needed to find cleaner and more efficient ways to manage power usage, GreenLAB rose to the challenge to do its part for change. In early 2009, GreenLAB went into a collaboration agreement with a local institution to develop a wireless personal area network (WPAN) platform, VMS. With it’s wide scope of applications, the VMS strengthen our product offerings for a full suite of energy, security and environmental management tool. To find out more of our products, please click here.
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