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Turnkey Project

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What is a turnkey project?

turnkeyproject1A turnkey project is a project where an organisation or company performs all the activities from design to operational testing before the project is turned over to another enterprise to operate. Such projects are at times referred to as BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer).

turnkeyproject2Such a definition rings true for Astech’s practices in delivering a solution for each and every one of our customers. Whether our services are in demand for a Robot Handling System or Deburring System, over time, the proof is in the results that we provide. We at AsTech carefully read between the lines to understand the scope of the project and provide the framework for a solution that not only helps to run your operations smoothly and much more efficiently, but one that continues to build on promising results long-term so it is scalable in its delivery as your enterprise grows over time. When we’ve met our own standards of a finely tuned solution, only then do we hand it over to or customers for their use in their environment. And this deliverable stands alone ready to use with worriless integration into your already existing operation. We take exact time required to craft a truly custom solution to meet the very diverse and unique needs each and every time.


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