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MES Solution

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mes1Manufacturing Execution Systems (or MES) are computerized systems used in manufacturing. MES work in real time to enable the control of multiple elements of the production process (e.g. inputs, personnel, machines and support services).

MES might operate across multiple areas, for example: management of product definitions across the product life-cycle, resource scheduling, order execution and dispatch, production analysis for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and materials track and trace. MES create flawless manufacturing processes and provide real-time feedback of requirement changes, and provide information at a single source.

mes2ASTech recognizes the core standards in these computerized systems and have  over time developed a successful framework for which they apply lean practice that continues to reward great gains for both themselves as an innovative leader in the industry, and for their customers as well. In doing so, ASTech provides a wider means for which the customer can gain even clearer understanding of the processes in place on their operations floor, assess where there may be the need for improvement, and make the necessary adjustments for further optimization for their product output.


Manufacturing base has been gearing up to adopt the Industry 4.0 model, to enable digitalization and automation of its processes, enhancing its efficiency and long-term competitiveness on the global stage. This new-age approach allows for high-level integration of information, communication and systems by connecting multiple devices and machines at every step of the manufacturing process.

Below is an example of application in Smart Manufacturing.


Within the manufacturing industry, digitalization is driving Industry 4.0. The automation of manufacturing processes and better use of data to transform operations are all working to create a ‘smart’ factory. Regardless of their size, companies have no choice but to embrace digitalization.

ASTech helps SMEs and MNCs to embark on SMART Industry 4.0 journey, to digitalize its factory operations through SMART Factory projects; factory of the future based on industry 4.0. The Smart Factory will be assessed base on 3 main components: Process, Technology & Organization.

SMART Factory will see deployment in Smart Technology to support the various aspects of our customers’ operations and processes. When we talk about Smart, we are saying that their machine-tools, inspection data collection systems will be linked, and has the ability not only to communicate to one another but also the ability to visualize, analyze and predict trends and patterns in manufacturing. We will be looking at Smart planning, Smart production, Smart quality control, Smart logistics, and so on. For it to be effective, they need be focus for labor upskilling and re-skilling towards a LEAN workforce in the organization. We will focus on the user point of view, with safety, ergonomics and human factor considerations. The human-machine interface becomes increasingly important, to drive productive quality outputs. It must be simple, intuitive and adaptive. In addition, ASTech seeks to be scalable, customizable in solutions towards customer’s needs with the advent of technology push and market pull in our Industry 4.0 ecosystem.

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